2 Pcs 16″Stackable Coir Totem Moss Pole -For Monstera And Cheese Plants ,Creepers Plant,Extension Climbing Plants Support ,With 100pcs Adjustable Plant Ties ,4ft Jute String ,10 Pcs Plant Labels

  • 🎋【Package Content】You will receive 2 pcs 16 in/40cm stackable moss sticks with 100 pcs adjustable plant twist ties,10 pcs plant labels and 4ft/1.5m natural jute string to be used together
  • 🎋【Sturdy Support】The coir totem moss pole is pointed,which can be easily inserted and fixed in the soil,so that the climbing plants can be stably wrapped around the plant support moss pole to achieve the effect of extending upward
  • 🎋【Safe Natural Coco Moss Pole】Made from coconut fibers and coir layer,it is a renewable resource.The coconut fiber extracted from coconut husk meets international environmental protection requirements and helps your plants retain moisture and nutrition for long-term use
  • 🎋【Extension Design】The plant moss stick is hollow in the middle,and water can fully enter the soil.When the plant grows out of the totem pole,you can insert the second tip into the first tip to extend the length,and the plant will continue to climb upward.No need to replace and damage potted plants,easy to install
  • 🎋【Wide Application】Coir moss stick is suitable for climbing plants and vines,such as climbing plants,vines,monstera,creeper,vines,etc.,which can train your climbing plants to grow upwards